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Monthly Archives: July 2013

  • Summer Cocktails

    Having just returned from a beautiful and relaxing holiday visiting family in New Jersey where I spent many an evening lounging in the garden with drinks and nibbles, I am delighted to see that the heat wave in the UK is continuing. Here’s hoping the sun will still shine throughout August and September.

    With this in mind and still being in holiday mode I thought I would share with you some fantastic recipes for tea inspired summer cocktails.

    Lemon Verbena Martini:

    • 12 Lemon Verbena leaves

    • 12.5ml Apricot liqueur

    • 50ml Gin

    • 12.5ml Vanilla syrup

    • 25ml Apricot juice/puree

    Note – if apricot is not a favourite try using a fruit juice or puree you prefer.

    Add all the ingredients together and shake over ice then strain this into a martini glass. Garnish with 2 lemon verbena leaves.


    Whilst I was searching for other tea cocktails I could try I discovered a recipe for Lemon Verbena Vodka:

    • 1/2 (750 mL) bottle vodka

    • 6 lemon verbena leaves, bruised (using a pestle and mortar)

    Place lemon verbena in vodka bottle; cover and shake to evenly distribute. Let stand at least 3 days before using.

    This would be great to use in cocktails or add with lemonade for another fantastic drink.

    Having discovered this Tamsin and I got thinking about how this would taste and work with peppermint leaves. We are going to pick some of our range of mints that both she and the estate are growing and give it a go...chocolate mint vodka perhaps?


    For a non-alcoholic summer drink why not try our white tea with some elderflower cordial. You can always add a spoonful of sugar for some added sweetness.


    Hello Summer


    (Image courtesy of google images)

    Melissa, July 2013 

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