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Monthly Archives: August 2013

  • Unexpected Benefits Of Tea

    On top of all the health benefits associated with tea there are also some more unusual and unexpected benefits:


    • Rinse your hands with tea to eliminate food odours, especially fish
    • To soothe a child after having an injection, apply a cool wet green teabag to the injection site
    • Cool teabags on the eyes will reduce swelling and redness
    • Wash face with tea to cure acne
    • Cold, wet teabags will sooth bee stings and insect bites
    • Dip a towel in cool tea to make a compress and soothe sunburn
    • Clean Persian and Oriental carpets by sprinkling nearly dry tea leaves on it and then sweeping them away
    • A strong footbath of black tea will strengthen the pads of a dog’s feet


    Remember these tips when on you end up sunburnt after falling asleep in the sun on your holiday or when you are next cooking fish and can’t get rid of the smell!

    If anyone knows of any other unusual benefits tea has please do let us know via Facebook or Twitter!

    Sydney Smith - Thank God For Tea!


    (Image courtesy of google images)

    Melissa, August 2013

  • Earl Grey

    Earl Grey has finally arrived at Luponde! Not only are we super excited that we have a new tea to add to our range, it is also my favourite! The minimum quantities to mix a blend are huge so we have lots in stock and I am happily drinking it every day!

    Like tea, the origins of Earl Grey are not widely known. There are many different legends, with both Twinnings and Jacksons of Piccadilly claiming their own. The first known published reference was in advertisements by Charlton & Co. of Jermyn Street in London in the 1880’s. It is assumed to be named after the 2nd Earl Grey, the British Prime Minister in the 1830s, and author of the Reform Bill of 1832. He may have received it as a gift from China.

    Earl Grey is a blend of black tea and bergamot. It comes from the Bergamot orange. This fragrant fruit is the size of an orange, with a yellow colour similar to a lemon. In sharpness it tastes between a lemon and a grapefruit. 80% of the world’s production comes from Southern Italy.

    There are quite a variety of oils, granules and essence available so each Earl Grey tea has a different perfume. If you don’t like one brand you may well like another. Luponde uses a natural organic bergamot oil. This gives a less consistent flavour but tastes less fake than granules. Some, like Twinnings, taste very strongly of bergamot, whereas Luponde’s is more subtle allowing the flavour of the black tea to come through.

    Earl Grey is brewed in the same way as black tea. Fill the kettle with fresh water. Place a teaspoon or tea bag in a mug or small teapot. Once the water has boiled, pour over the tea. Allow to steep for 3-5 minutes.

    Sign up to our newsletter and we’ll send you a sample to try! Otherwise pop into the shop to try it as it is our Tea of the Month. Hopefully you will love it as much as I do!

    Luponde Earl Grey Tea


    Tamsin, August 2013 

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