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Monthly Archives: October 2013

  • Come and try our tea!

    We often get asked what’s different about Luponde tea and why people should buy it compared to other brands.

    We let people know that the Luponde Tea Estate is one of the oldest organic tea estates in the world and that the climate is perfect for growing tender leaves and flowers which are handpicked. This then brings you the highest quality single estate teas.

    This becomes clear when you taste the tea. It’s smooth, subtle and doesn’t leave a harshness that other teas can. The natural, clean taste of the teas makes them ideal to be drunk all day and perfect for any tea lover. To discover why you should be making your tea a Luponde one we offer tea tastings twice a month. These sessions are free and give you the chance to try our full range and see which is your favourite. You will also get the opportunity to learn more from one of our team about the estate itself, health benefits of tea and the best way to brew each type.

    Many customers who believed they did not like green tea due to it tasting quite strong have tried ours and found it much smoother. This is also the same for camomile. I was never a camomile fan until I worked for Luponde! No more sleepless nights for me!

    Make sure you take a look at our tea tasting page on our website for details on when the next ones are. Or if you are interested in running a tea tasting at an event or party please get in touch with for more information.


    Tea Tasting in London


    Melissa, October 2013

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