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Monthly Archives: June 2014

  • Tennis, Tea and Summer!

    Three of my all-time favourite things; tennis, afternoon tea and the start of summer! These few weeks really put me in a good mood as I get to enjoy watching tennis which in turn is an excuse for afternoon tea or strawberries and cream and it is the start of summer.

    Wimbledon is a huge love of mine and having a husband who works in tennis means that I am lucky enough to be able to actually go and watch at SW19. This year I got to see Murray come back on to Centre Court on day one and start the quest to defend his title. The atmosphere on court was amazing and I really hope he can continue a good run so we can see him lift the trophy again. With England out of the World Cup there is still some hope for sporting success this summer!

    (Image courtesy of Google Images)

    Being at Wimbledon means I get to eat great picnic food and indulge in scones and strawberries and cream. There is also nothing better than a good cup of tea to go with your scones or iced tea with your strawberries and cream. It is of course also very British! This year I was particularly taken with our lemon verbena iced. Lovely and refreshing for a hot day. The forecast does not look so promising over the next day or so, but hopefully it will pick up next week.

    (Image courtesy of Google Images)

    I did spot these fantastic looking cupcakes from one of my favourite shops (The Hummingbird Bakery) and wish I’d seen them soon enough to be able to take them with me. It’s still Wimbledon for over another week though so plenty of time to try them! Maybe next year I’ll even attempt to make something similar!

    If you come into our shop over the next week we are all tennis fans at Luponde so be sure to ask what the score is if you want to know and come and try some of our tea of the month! You can also take a look at our Pinterest board which is dedicated to all things tennis!

    Melissa, June 2014

  • Reasons why I love the World Cup

    I always forget how much I enjoy the World Cup and then when it arrives, the excitement hits and it seems that we all come together by this one shared event. I think it helps that the sun is shining just like it is in Brazil.

    Here are my reasons why this year in particular I love the World Cup:

    Food – for some reason it means that takeaways are the food of choice in our household or my favourite homemade fajitas. Something quick, easy and delicious. Oh and crisps and dips!

    Friends – it is another excuse to hang out with your friends after work and into the early hours. Football viewing is much more fun in a group.

    Sweepstakes – everyone I know seems to be involved in an office or friend sweepstake and we all suddenly get very passionate about a country we sometimes previously knew little about before. Come on Colombia!

    Shock surprises – a World Cup always has one or two upsets early doors. Oh dear Spain!

    Spirit – the country seems to come together, spirits are high and there is a sense of national pride. I loved the images of people bringing their sofas and chairs to the stadium in Germany to watch their first game.

    (Image courtesy of Google Images)

    Endless football – I know Rob is enjoying this probably more than me, but you can watch football everyday if you want to!

    Goal-line technology – about time this was introduced!

    Vanishing spray – it’s magic and keeps those players exactly where they should be!

    No vuvuzelas – it makes watching a much more enjoyable experience!

    I hope you are all enjoying this World Cup as much as I am, and here’s hoping that our spirit and national pride will spur the team on to a win tonight against Uruguay. If not I guess I still have some hope with Colombia....

    (Image courtesy of Google Images)

    Melissa, June 2014


  • Chocolate Flapjacks

    Chocolate Flapjacks – Green and Blacks Chocolate Recipes Book

    I came home to a treat on Friday evening. First of all the smell of freshly baked chocolate hit me as I walked through the door and then I saw some rather delicious looking chocolate flapjacks cooling on the side. Rob had decided to bake something he has always seen in our Green and Blacks recipe book and never done before. He said they are quick and easy to do and I can confirm (as can others who visited us over the weekend) that they taste incredible. They make a great afternoon snack or a pudding with vanilla ice-cream!


    350g unsalted butter
    3 tablespoons golden syrup
    175g soft brown sugar
    175g muscovado sugar
    175g good-quality oats (oat flakes)
    275g processed oats (rolled or porridge oats)
    6 tablespoons of good-quality cocoa powder
    Use 17 x 28cm baking tray or roasting tin


    Preheat the oven to 140ºC. Butter the baking tray.
    Melt the butter, syrup and both sugars in a saucepan. Do not allow to bubble. Mix in the pats and cocoa.
    Use a fork to press the mixture into the baking tray and bake for 18-20 minutes. The flapjacks need to cook to the centre but you don’t want them to bubble, otherwise they will be too toffee-like. They should stay moist.
    Remove from the oven and leave to cool for about 20 minutes before slicing up. Leave to cool completely before removing from the tray.

    Serve these with a pot of our organic black tea or if you end up eating too many of them (like I did) have some of our peppermint or spearmint to help aid digestion!

    Flapjacks during the mixing process!

    Finished result! I promised I didn't eat these three in one go!

    Melissa, June 2014

  • The Gallivant Hotel

    As is painted on the wall in their restaurant, ‘gallivant is a verb: to roam about in search of pleasure or amusement, often in search of food', and this is exactly what you do when you enter the beautiful hotel in Camber, Rye.

    The first time I visited The Gallivant was on a romantic break with Rob on a foodies weekend and it did not disappoint. We had seen reviews and read about this haven by the sea and always wanted to go there. We were presented with tea and homemade cookies in our beach themed room, access to a DVD library (as it was raining and we may not have wanted to venture on the beach) and then the most incredible locally sourced food I have ever tasted. We did make it on to the beach and Camber Sands is simply stunning whatever the weather. It was at that point I knew we would have to come back and when we got engaged a year later this was the only place where Rob and I wanted to get married.

    (Image by Andy Tyler Photography)

    Having read my wedding blogs you will know that we were delighted with our venue choice and the team over the weekend were amazing. Guests still talk about the food and even with a sudden thunderstorm in the evening it didn’t dampen any spirits.

    I am now also delighted to announce that they have decided to use Luponde tea as their tea supplier. This means with the scrumptious homemade cookies in your rooms you will have the choice of our black tea bags or lemon verbena tea bags and a wider range of our tea is available at breakfast and in the bar and restaurant with your afternoon cakes. You can enjoy a Luponde tea anytime of day at the hotel and it will be the perfect refreshment for you after gallivanting about on the beach! Keep an eye out for our black caddies in your room if you visit and whatever you do make sure you turn up hungry as you will need lots of room for the incredible food that awaits you.

    I urge you all to visit this beautiful hotel even if just for a stop off through Rye or for an overnight stay. You won’t regret it.

    Melissa, June 2014

  • World Cup Fever!

    It is the week of the start of the World Cup and here at Luponde we love sporting events and can’t wait for Brazil 2014! Not only that but with Wimbledon just around the corner we have a summer of sport watching to look forward to.

    I got into the football spirit last night by watching Soccer Aid and seeing The Rest of the World comfortably beat England 4-2! I felt very sorry for Jamie Theakston as he let the 4th goal fly past him into the net. It was a great event and the fact they raised over four million pounds for UNICEF was incredible. Also being a Chelsea fan I found it hilarious watching José Mourinho coach The Rest of the World to victory especially when in the first half he came onto the pitch to tackle Olly Murs!

    Who knows how far England will get this year in the World Cup but I love how our country comes together during these events and the spirit and atmosphere is brilliant. If we progress from the group stages the country will be elated. I do feel that this year there is less pressure on England to come home with the trophy and there is a much more realistic feeling about how far we will succed in Brazil. Who knows with a little less pressure on their shoulders England may just surprise us!

    If you are hosting a World Cup party this year make sure you look at my blog on tea cocktails and iced tea to give your guests something a bit different from the normal drinks and enjoy them! If only we could all be basking in the sunshine in Brazil over the next few weeks but thank goodness it is sunny here!

    (Image courtesy of Google Images)

    Melissa, 2014


  • Gifts for Father's Day

    With Father’s Day just over a week away (Sunday 15th June for those of you like me who had forgotten!) I thought I would share with you some unique and special gifts we have on offer to spoil your Dad with.

    Our glass teapot range is fab and would be ideal for your Dad and his weekend cups of tea whilst watching sport, out gardening, or for when he has visitors round! They are very durable too which means if he is clumsy like my Dad it will last longer than it looks!

    If your Dad is a tea lover why not get him a gift box with a selection of some of our tea. Choose from a box of two, four or six and from loose leaf or tea bags and he can have some for home and some for work!

    Our stunning Dunoon fine bone china range is always popular with our male customers and in particular the hot spots collection. Get him a mug or tea cup and brighten up his desk or kitchen and make his daily cup of tea more enjoyable!

    Whatever you decide to get or do for your Dad next Sunday just make sure you spoil him by making him a cup of his favourite tea and bringing him some cake or biscuits to enjoy with it! After all a cup of tea always tastes better made by someone else!

    (Image courtesy of Google Images)

    Melissa, June 2014

  • Spearmint!

    This month we are showcasing our fabulous Spearmint by making it our Tea of the Month.

    Back in 2012 Brian at the Luponde estate dedicated some land for us so we could trial lots of new herbs and expand our range back here in the UK. Spearmint was one of those and it really took off (as you can see from the picture below). When we were last at the estate and tasted the spearmint it was fantastic and we could not wait for there to be enough to start selling it here in London.

    Obviously spearmint is relatively new to our range but has already proved to be extremely popular especially with our peppermint lovers. It has a fresh and invigorating taste and its smell is particularly inviting. Like peppermint it is a perfect after dinner drink and aids digestion. It is naturally caffeine free so great to have before bed and on days when everything is a bit stressful! Instead of your daily pot of peppermint why not give spearmint a try or buy as an alternative gift for a peppermint fan.

    You can try some at our tea tasting event tomorrow 3rd June 2pm-4pm in-store or you can win some by emailing your details to with ‘Spearmint’ in the subject line.

    Melissa, June 2014

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