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Green Tea and White Tea

Green tea and white tea both are full of antioxidants making them extremely healthy drinks.

Some research has shown that green tea drinkers have lower chances of developing heart disease and some cancers. As well as this, green tea has been known to increase metabolic rate, which can aid in weight loss. Green tea has the ability to lower serum glucose, helping to protect against kidney failure. Tests have found that green tea could help improve memory and slow the development of Alzeimer’s disease.

White tea is made from just the bud, the youngest part of the plant, and therefore contains more antioxidants than black and green teas. It can aid in lowering blood pressure and cholesterol and is a great detox tea! It can provide protection within the body for the skin, helps protect cells from sun damage and minimize the signs of aging. It can help the body’s immune system and is fluoride-rich helping prevent the growth of dental plaque.

It is important that you brew them correctly in order to enjoy the unique and subtle taste they have.


How to make the perfect cup of Luponde Organic Green and White Tea:


• It is extremely important with white tea and green tea not to pour boiling water straight onto the leaves. This will burn the leaves and will give them a bitter taste


• We recommend you boil your kettle and let it cool for around 10 minutes (or until it is around 80ºC) then pour your water into your teapot or mug with the leaves already in there. You should use around one heaped teaspoon of green tea leaves and a small pinch of white tea leaves (for a 1 litre teapot)


• Then wait. Let the leaves fully infuse for 8-10 minutes and you will get a full flavour and fantastic taste


• You can then reuse your Luponde leaves. Use them up to 5 times that day. Quite often the second or third round will taste the best! If you are using a tea bag you can reuse that up to 3 times.


Luponde's Organic Green TeaLuponde's Organic White Tea

Melissa, January 2013