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Last year I discovered The Great British Bake Off on the BBC. I stumbled across the programme whilst channel hopping one Tuesday evening and little did I know that this was going to have such an impact on my television viewing. It became my ‘guilty pleasure’. Whilst Rob would be out at five a side football every Tuesday evening, I would come home from the gym and sit with my dinner in front of the best show I had seen for a long time.

I then decided that I would attempt to bake. Having loved baking as a child (I think mainly because baking meant that I could eat cake mix and lick the bowl) I thought that obviously I would instantly be an amazing baker. This is where I was wrong. I should mention here that I am a creature of structure and organisation and don’t particularly like mess, so you can imagine the surprise on Rob’s face when on returning home from football he found me covered in flour and surrounded by chaos. The result of my cooking ended in very poor looking iced buns.

I pretty swiftly gave up on the baking (not the show though) until by surprise Rob gave me The Great British Bake Off recipe book. I have to say it did sit on the shelves for a good 3 months before I decided I should even attempt anything but now I have not looked back. I am a baking connoisseur! Each week or every time we have guests over (and by guests, all it takes is one more than Rob and me in the flat) I am baking for their arrival. I started small with cookies, banana and almond loaf and chocolate chilli cake before moving on to slightly more tricky things such as baked cheesecake, pistachio and carrot tray bake and mud pie.

Loaf Cake Image

Since starting my baking journey the next series of The Great British Bake Off began again I was hooked. Rob no longer has football on a Tuesday and he too has jumped on the bandwagon! He was even inspired to bake soda bread which was delicious. From this series I have decided to give pastry a go and possibly try some crème caramel! I will of course let you all know how I get on.

From my experiments so far I have to say that the chocolate chilli cake makes the perfect tea time treat alongside our organic finest orthodox black tea and a cup of our organic peppermint infusion will certainly aid your digestion after a hearty slice of mud pie!

With my birthday and Christmas over I have new baking tools and books to add to my collection and more baking is taking place than ever. 2013 is going to be a year of baking for me, although I am not sure that my waistline is going to be pleased!


Jubilee Cake Image


Apple Cake Image

Melissa, January 2013