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On our estate visit in January 2012 Brian dedicated a quarter of a hectare of land specifically for us, the Luponde London team, to grow and trial different herbs that we could add to our range. When I left Tanzania at the end of that trip the piece of land was literally just that – a field.

Having seen photos and hearing updates from the estate on how the land has been developed for us and the seeds that had been planted it was clear to see how far this piece of land had come. However, it was not until I arrived on our visit this March that I could see for myself how fantastic it now looked.

Even though it was quite a grey and misty morning I could see from afar our Luponde sign standing tall! When we parked up and got out to inspect our herbs one of the estate team was there raking and pulling weeds. It was clear that a lot of time and effort had been put into maintaining this area for us. There were perfectly formed rows of beds, each dedicated to a different herb and each with a board with a painted sign telling us which was which.


The exciting part for us was then picking some of what had grown, taking them back to the drying room, laying them out to dry and tasting them a couple of days later! Obviously as you can see from the pictures some herbs had grown a lot more than others!

Some of the herbs were at the nursery, so we then took a stop there to see how they were getting on and again picked up what we could to try.

Everybody has their own individual tastes and it is important for us to sample everything and compare the views of everybody involved at the estate to get an idea of if that particular herb would be popular or not. For example I am not a fan of ginger or fennel but I appreciate how popular these flavours are to others.

Once we had all the herbs out ready to taste the fun really started. Here is a small insight into some of the ones that we really enjoyed and what you may hopefully see on the Luponde shelves one day in the future:

Herbs - Sweet Fennel


Herbs - Cinnamon Basil


Herbs - Spearmint


Herbs - Balm


herbs - Minigrapefruit


Herbs - Mint Chocolate


Herbs - Mint Moroccan


Herbs - Mint Ginger


Melissa, April 2013