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Why I love Peppermint Whole Leaf

I love the fact that this April our Tea of the Month is Peppermint Whole Leaf. It is by far and away my favourite from our range.

Here are my reasons why:

• It is caffeine free so I can drink it anytime of day

• It is calming and as I have a tendency to stress, worry and general get wound up it is better for me to drink this than any of our caffeinated teas

• It is kind on the digestive system, so after I have had one too many drinks or too much food it soothes my stomach and makes me feel better

• I am not a great traveller in cars or boats and it is recommended to ease travel sickness

• It smells incredible

• Our whole leaf looks stunning in our glass teapot and brightens up my desk every morning

• I am terrible at drinking water so drinking peppermint whole leaf means that I stay hydrated throughout the day


Our peppermint whole leaf is available to try in-store every day this April. Come and taste it and see why I love it so much.

You can also win a tin by emailing your details to or by popping them into our teapot in-store.

Melissa, April 2014