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All hail the mighty tea bag!

Where would we be today without the Tea Bag? Over 96% of the Tea drunk in Britain is made with a tea bag and here at Luponde we really appreciate the convenience of a tea bag. That is why we bring you (where possible) our range both loose leaf and in tea bags without compromising on taste. Our tea bag tins are ideal for your desk at work or in your kitchen as a quick solution when you need your tea fix!

The history of tea bags and their discovery is fascinating and it all began with Thomas Sullivan who was a tea and coffee merchant from New York. He tried to cut sampling costs by sending loose tea in small silk sacks. His clients were confused by the new packaging and so put the whole thing into hot water. He started receiving many requests for these ‘tea bags’ and that was the beginning of the tea bag! Tea bags first began to appear commercially around 1904, but didn’t take off in Britain until the 1970s. It’s funny to think that something we see so often now and take for granted has actually only been popular in this country for 44 years!

Our tea bags are available is different size tins or in individual pyramid boxes and make a perfect gift. Explore our tea page for more information. Next time you have your afternoon mug of tea give thanks to Thomas Sullivan and his confused clients as without them we may not have the tea bag!

Melissa, April 2014