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Pretty Glass Teapots

Here at Luponde we love our glass teapot range. They look fantastic, are practical, extremely durable and affordable. What more could you want?! Oh yes they are dishwasher safe too! They are and have been one of our most popular ranges and still draw people into our shop on a daily basis.

What we love about them is that they are brilliant for making loose leaf teas. The fact they are glass means you can see the leaves infuse and the beautiful colours they turn. You can also take the infuser out to use for flowering teas or tea bags. They have also been known to make a good vase!

There are always questions over their durability and if they are too fragile for daily use but Tamsin and I are proof that this is not the case. We have travelled up and down the country with our teapots ready for many a retail show where we use our sample pots every day for tea tastings. We continuously get them in and out of their boxes, wash them, display them and use them day in day out. Tamsin regularly takes them on the tube or bus for our daily sampling of our tea of the month and monthly tea tastings in the shop and then takes them home to go through the dishwasher. I think I can remember one occasion in the last 3 years where I dropped one and it broke. Of course like any teapot they can brake but they are much tougher than they look! Also remember if you are using them in the dishwasher pop the lid and infuser on a flat part of the dishwasher not on one of the spikes! If of course a part of the teapot does break give us a call or email as we can sell you parts separately

Have a look at our website for the range of sizes we have and if buying as a gift why not team it with a couple of the stunning glass teacups and saucers or glass sugar bowl and milk jug. They look so pretty in any kitchen or home.

Melissa, April 2014