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The Spicery - Pickled Pears

Last year Rob and I discovered little cooking kits from The Spicery. Each small pack contains all the spices you will need to make a certain dish. You then get given instructions on what other ingredients you need to buy and how to make it.

We were given a few different kits to try and the results have been fantastic. From tandoori chicken, baked rice pudding, hot spiced apple juice and Mexican holy trinity chilli we have not had a bad experience. I am a rice pudding fanatic and I was seriously impressed with the baked vanilla rice pudding.

They make great gifts and you can pick different kits to go in a gift box or you can subscribe to a monthly spice box.

As we had some spare time over Christmas, Rob and I decided to try the pickled pears. It was so quick and simple to do and although you need to wait a couple of weeks before you eat them, so that the spices have had time to do their magic, one pear did not quite fit into our jars so we had a cheeky sample! It was scrumptious!

See below for the recipe and the spices that were included in the kit and give it a go. I can’t wait to eat some of the cheeses we got at Christmas and have these pickled pears on the side.

- 8 conference pears

- 600ml white wine vinegar

- 200g caster sugar

- a few thin slices of lemon

- 2 or 3 large jars (sterilised)

Kit contents: Whole spices - cinnamon stick, root ginger, bay leaf. Pickle spices - allspice berries, juniper berries, mixed peppercorns, dried birds eye chilli


- combine all ingredients except pears with spices in a large pan until sugar has dissolved

- peel, half and core the pears ( I found a teaspoon very useful for the coring)

- add pears and simmer for 20 minutes until tender

- layer the pears in jars and pour over hot vinegar mix including all the spices

- leave to mature for couple of weeks before eating, they should keep for several months

Best eaten with cold meats, cheeses, pates or hot roasts.


Pickled Pears Image

Melissa, January 2013