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The Luponde Estate

  • Black Tea

    It is November, it is raining and the days are getting colder so our Tea of the Month this month is ideal for keeping you warm on these winter afternoons!

    Black Tea!

    The best leaves of the Luponde estate go onto our orthodox black tea. At this altitude the Camellia sinensis bush grows slowly producing a deep and rich, yet crisp, fresh tasting ‘English Breakfast’ style tea making it perfect for your everyday cup.

    Our black tea is made using the traditional orthodox method and you can read all about this on our ‘How Tea is Made’ page.

    As well as being a comforting drink and one that goes perfectly with cakes and biscuits black tea has many health benefits. Black tea contains similar amounts of polyphenols as green tea. These are antioxidants and have great restorative powers. Black tea can help strengthen the immune system and fight off those pesky colds and flu. It has been known to aid in expanding the airways and help asthma sufferers. Black tea can also improve cardiac blood flow and coronary function. It contains abundant tannins which have a soothing anti-inflammatory effect on the digest tract. In 2010, researchers found that people who drank tea had significantly less cognitive decline than non-tea drinkers. A cup of tea contains manganese, which is essential for general development, and potassium which helps to maintain the body’s fluid balance. Although gram for gram tea contains higher levels of caffeine than coffee, less weight is used when making it and therefore a cup of black tea contains considerably less caffeine.

    Now you can be confident when you are enjoying your black tea that is doing you some good!

    You can win some of our black tea this November by emailing your details to or by popping them into our teapot in-store.

    We are also offering 10% off all black tea purchases month! Enjoy!

    Melissa, November 2014

  • Organic September

    This month is Organic September and we want you to celebrate by making your tea an organic one!

    Luponde is one of the oldest organic tea estates in the world and we strive to bring you the highest quality single estate, organic tea possible. Organic is a ‘whole system’ approach to farming and food production. It recognises the close interrelationships between all parts of the production system from the soil to the consumer. We are certified by the Soil Association Ltd, the UK’s leading and most recognised organic organisation. You can find out more about these details on our values page.

    Every September the Soil Association runs their Organic September campaign and it is the UK’s biggest celebration of all things organic. There are lots of events and promotions throughout the country this month which you can be part of.

    We would love you to get involved by switching your tea to a Luponde one and as the Soil Association say - 'help give organic a boost!'

    Melissa, September 2014

  • The 10 Best Tea Quotes of All Time

    I've researched the top 10 quotes to bring you the best expressed sentiments on tea. From ancient Chinese proverbs to C.S. Lewis, there's something here for every type of tea enthusiast. I also thought you'd appreciate some imagery, so I merged the phrases with tea related photographs. Scroll down here for the result; some surprisingly good remarks about our favourite national pastime.











    So there you have it.  A combined effort of public polling, internet combing, and a few historical references have brought you the very best commentary on tea.  We hope you've enjoyed reading them as much as we've enjoyed finding them.  So now it's down to you. What is your favourite all-time tea quote?

  • How To Make the Perfect Cup of Tea

    Making perfect tea falls between a moral obligation and a survival skill in the UK.  Water temperature and brew time are specific to tea types, so here's what you need to know...

  • Tanzania Facts!

    As the Luponde estate is situated in the stunning Livingstonia Mountains in Southern Tanzania I thought it would be good to share with you some key facts about Tanzania. Some of these may be things you didn't know and if like us you are fans of a pub quiz they may one day come in handy!

    • In 1964 Tanganyika and Zanzibar merged to form the United Republic of Tanzania

    • Tanzania is one of the oldest known inhabited areas on Earth

    • The official languages in Tanzania are Swahili and English

    • Tanzania has a population of about 43 million making it the 30th largest in the world

    • Tanzania is the third largest producer of gold in Africa, after South Africa and Ghana

    • Tanzania is home to Mount Kilimanjaro, which at 5,895 meters is the largest mountain in Africa

    • Tanzania has Lake Victoria, Africa’s largest, and Lake Tanganika, Africa’s deepest

    • Tanzania is bordered by 8 countries

    • Whilst Dodoma is the capital of Tanzania, it is Dar es Salaam which is the largest city and also the major seaport for the country and it’s landlocked neighbours

    • Tea was introduced to Tanzania by German settlers in 1902

    • Commercial production of tea began in Tanzania in 1926 and increased considerably after World War II, when the British took over the tea plantations.

    • Tanzania sells pineapple Fanta (a personal favourite of mine!)

    Below are some stunning photos of the Luponde estate and they show you just how beautiful a location it is!




    Melissa, April 2014

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