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Tag Archives: benefits of Earl Grey Green Tea

  • Why We Love Earl Grey Tea

    earl grey tea leaves

    We love Earl Grey tea and wanted to write about the reasons why. Let us know if your own reasons for enjoying Earl Grey are similar.

    Earl Grey Aids in Digestion

    Many use chamomile for this purpose, which is also successful. What you may not know is that Earl Grey can help relieve indigestion, nausea and colic. Earl Grey tea is even used to treat intestinal worms.

    Earl Grey Can Help to Prevent Heart Disease

    Earl Grey can lower blood triglyceride levels, increase HDL and fight free radicals, as evidenced in a study by Preventative Medicine. Participants from the study drank three cups of Earl Grey tea daily, and experienced these results within just 3 months! An Italian study also indicated a 39% reduction in LDL cholesterol after the extract of Earl Grey was taken for one month.

    Earl Grey Inhibits Depression and Anxiety

    The essential oil bergamot is infused into Earl Grey tea to give it a light citrus aroma. Essential oils are used to ease emotional stress and bodily tension, especially for people who work under highly stressful conditions. It has been known to provide a calming effect while improving mood. A 2011 study in Taiwan shows that it benefits those with mild or moderate anxiety.

    Earl Grey Helps to Promote Weight Loss

    Earl Grey is commonly used to promote weight loss. Why this particular blend of tea? As mentioned, Earl Grey contains the citrus extract bergamot, which is believed to help break down calories through natural metabolism. The essential oil is also believed to cure fevers and boost the immune system.

    Earl Grey Strengthens Concentration without Adding Anxiety

    Earl Grey helps to promote focus and concentration. It also has properties that relax and soothe, which are found in the bergamot oil. This is helpful at work when you need to concentrate, but you don’t want to become anxious or unsettled.

    These were just a few of the reasons why we love Earl Grey tea. Let us know about your own reasons for drinking it!

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