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Tag Archives: cucumber sandwiches

  • The Perfect Afternoon Tea: The Sandwiches

    afternoon tea cucumber sandwiches

    Finger sandwiches for your afternoon tea need to be small – only about 2-3 bites each – and crusts are definitely a no-no. I prefer long rectangles to triangles and bread needs to be thin to make sure the proportions work.

    According to, the top 10 afternoon tea sandwiches are:

    1. Smoked salmon and cream cheese
    2. Egg mayonnaise and cress
    3. Chicken and mayonnaise
    4. Cucumber and cream cheese
    5. Cheese and chutney
    6.  Ham and mustard
    7.  Prawn and mayonnaise
    8. Beef and horseradish
    9. Tuna and mayonnaise
    10. Roasted vegetables and cream cheese

    Cucumber Sandwiches

    Cucumber sandwiches are always associated with afternoon tea, and a lot of people can’t imagine why they’re so delicious. The key is in preparing them properly and enjoying the delicate taste. Sogginess is a sign of a bad cucumber sandwich and you may enjoy a bit of acidity (from vinegar or lemon juice) to give the sandwiches a kick.

    The Guardian has a great recipe for dainty finger sandwiches.

    Unusual Approaches

    afternoon tea with burgers

    As afternoon teas become ubiquitous, restaurants are looking for unusual approaches to the classic afternoon tea to stand out from the crowd. My favourites include mini hotdogs and burgers instead of sandwiches. They’re great for a winter afternoon tea or for a younger group.

    Palachinka’s blog has a fantastic recipe that involves booking the rolls and making the mini burgers yourself to get the perfect size. If you’re not quite up to that, you can always get the mini hamburger and roll selections from Waitrose.

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